UAE urges all residents to take COVID-19 vaccine

UAE urges all residents to take COVID-19 vaccine


The National Emergency Crisis and  Disaster Management Authority in the UAE   are urging residents to get vaccinated. The authorities have explained that the vaccine  is the only way to control and combat the severity   and spread of the diseases, especially given the  new mutations of the virus and expected effects.

"Help us protect you, we can visit  you at home to assess your medical   condition and provide you with  the vaccine." NCEMA also said. New strains of COVID-19 been detected  in several countries in the world   and the UAE health authorities are continuing to  focus on early detection and rapid intervention to   reduce the spread of the disease through contact  tracing, isolation and quarantine procedures.

As a result, national and local efforts have been  combined to provide the vaccine through increasing   the number of health centres in the UAE to more  than 150 medical centres, spread across the UAE. Want to register for the vaccine? For Pfizer- BioNTech Vaccine,   The Dubai Health Authority will be providing  it for free.

UAE residents can register and   book appointments for vaccination through the  DHA app or the DHA’s toll-free number 800 342. If you want the Sinopharm vaccine, then it  is available at all clinics run by Seha,   the emirate’s public health operator, and at  hospitals and clinics run by VPS Healthcare.